Saturday, October 20, 2012


Me and my silkie rooster, donated by my friend Carl
  columbian wyandotte and black cochin chicks
  columbian wyandotte, I think this is a gorgeous breed.
My speckled leghorn Rooster.
Well suddenly its October 2012!   I now have a smaller coop: comprised of a huge speckled leghorn rooster, (Napolean) and his counterpart - a small silkie rooster.  I am prompted to write because my buff cochin is dying of old age at this very moment.  I have several geriatric hens including the black one who was sitting on my head in a former picture on this blog.   Last year I had too many hens and due to problems with my neighbors I had to get rid of 21 of the 25 chicks I had bought from McMurray hatchery.  I think I went overboard but my neighbors had called the cops on me because my hens were getting over the fence and wandering in their yard.  So this year I was down to 3 young hens and 4 old hens plus my 2 roosters.  I beefed up my fence and trimmed the wings of my hens and decided to buy 10 chicks from the hatchery at "my pet chicken"  I now have 4 COLUMBIAN WYANDOTTE hens and 5 BLACK COCHINS.  One wyandotte chick died accidentally.......   So here are some pictures of my latest bunch.  It hasn't been a good year for eggs and I hope to have more eggs next year.