Monday, August 25, 2008

miz Ugly

LOOK how big miz Ugly is getting.... I don't know what to name my pair of necked neck chickens but that are soooo ugly

Monday, August 04, 2008


1 barred rock
2 naked necks

2 Wyandottes

Americauna chick

WOW its been almost 5 mos. We are having a heat wave in Texas and a couple of my hens have died... so today I went and bought 6 chicks from the local feedstore. I am excited about raising new chicks and having more birds to lay fresh eggs. I sell the eggs at work!
I usually buy young pullets but today I got the chicks and am prepping my outdoor hutch to keep them for 5 mos or so until they are big enough to join the coop.... and old enough to realise that Diamond dog is a pain in the ass and that I do everything in my power to keep the coop dog proof. Diamond is my husky/coyote X and when she was younger she used to kill my hens. Now she doesn't kill, she just annoys them and steals their eggs when she gets the rare chance. BUT she will kill a newbie or young'un. So while these 6 babies are growing, I will make the coop double dog proof.
So , above are pics of my new group. I hope they all make it. I will keep updating this blog with pics, cartoons and chicken art...because I have ALOT.... :)