Monday, October 24, 2011

"the second coop"

My primary chicken coop is a rubbermaid houses 12 older birds that are not very egg productive and I consider them pets :)
Recently, I had to build a 2nd coop for my 26 pullets and new rooster. It is not big enough for them so I am hoping that when the 12 older birds start to die off that the younger birds will start to roost and lay eggs in the bigger rubbermaid shed.
Here are 5 views of the new roost that I have built for my pullets.
Today I added a lateral egg box for them although the pullets are not quite ready to lay eggs. However, some of my bigger hens have been "visiting" and laying eggs in this new box. (they already have 3 boxes in their rubbermaid coop!) This new egg box sits on bricks, and outside of the main roosting area.... hopefully the hens will NOT roost on this box and poop in the hay! I check my boxes every evening so I never really worry about wild animals stealing eggs in the thick of the night :)

This is the egg box that I built today with hinged cover....I will be checking this a lot next spring since I have 26 pullets!!!
North side of coop, stained with redwood color.

East side of coop. Here is the large nesting box... rests under a hinged cover. You lift the cover and gather the eggs... :)

West side of coop has a mural :)

Front of coop faces south so birds don't get cold north wind. You can see the roosting dowels at this angle :)


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