Saturday, October 28, 2006

Merlin the little rooster at 3 months

MERLIN (left) is roosting with his Mom, Grace. He is at the bottom of the pecking order right now and get chases left and right ! Sometimes he gets out of the coop and I have to track him down in the neighbors yard. But in 6 mos or so he'll be a fine brown rooster and command respect :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Basically this blog follows the life of MEREDITH - my white leghorn hen and her son MERLIN who I first I thought was a hen.
About a week ago, MEREDITH escaped the coop and my coydog Diamond caught and brutalized her. Somehow, she made it back into the coop. She was badly injured with skin seriously torn on her back, in every which direction around her neck area. I called Truvey and he helped me patch her together. He patched her while I GLUED; I am not kidding - we crazy glued MEREDITH back togther. This can be done and it WORKS!
MEREDITH is recouping in the barn at Truvey's ranch. She is not out of the woods yet but doing better!!! WOW. Before she returns here - and hopefully she will - I need to add another 1' of chicken wire to my coop fence.
If you read the first few blog entries, it is all about MEREDITH and the injuries she has survived. Amazing bird! She is the only hen that has sat on eggs successfully and I hope she makes it. Meanwhile, as Diamond gets older, I tend to keep her in the house more and more. She is an unusual and special dog to me but it can be tough having a dog who can be a chicken killer as well as keeping pet chickens in my yard.